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Attached is the Herron Todd White monthly report for rural/commercial and residential property sales. I always find getting a licenced valuers point of view on what's happening in the property market invaluable:-

Herron Todd White - Month in Review September 2015 (3.96MB .pdf file)

I also suggest you might like to checkout the website onthehouse.com.au.

If you haven't heard of it, onthehouse.com.au allows you to search a specific property and get the historical sale prices, an estimate of value and comparative sales/listings. I am not sure how accurate the price guide would be as property is worth what someone is willing to pay on the day, however it seems to be a good guide.

I used it when buying our home just to get a feel for a house price as well as to see other comparable sales in the area.

Have a great month.

Ben Law.