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We seldom think about our future or our future self. We really don't have a concept of what we will be like in 15-20 years.

I am planning to be able to retire between the ages of 55-60 (that doesn't mean I will choose to retire, but I just want to financially able to). That's 15-20 years away!

I don't know 55 year old Ben, but thinking about it, I really hope he still is a good guy. I also hope he is a really fit and healthy 55 year old and being a financial planner, I hope he is very financially secure.

Your future self

Now, have you thought about future you 15-20 years from now? Have you imagined if you walked into your lounge room at home and future you was staring right back at you? What would they say to you? Would they shake your hand and thank you for looking after your health now, would they thank you for planning a financially secure future or would they scold you?

I hope they say:

  • "You were a exceptional custodian of our body. I feel great for ........"
  • "It feels great to be financially free and I'm having so much fun!"
  • "I am so glad you weren't too lazy to take action."

Whilst future you will be suffering the consequences of your action or inaction, remember that person is you, and future you is coming around quicker than you think.

Action this month: Have a think about what future you would say to current you based around your financial position. Would they thank you, shake their head at you or scold you?

Whatever the response, I am guessing you will need to take action.

Have a great month.

Ben Law.