Being passionate about helping you achieve financial peace of mind for you and your family, we designed our advice solutions so you will have more time to devote to what truly matters.

To complement this, we also have a network of experts we can refer you to who share our values. They are equally as passionate about helping you, your business and your family achieve financial freedom. We align ourselves with the best of the best! Why shouldn't you?

Personal Insurance Solutions

Protecting your most important asset is your ability to earn an Income for you and your family. In our experience most people don’t have a well thought out plan in place to protect themselves and their family from the potential risk of an accident or illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or even death.

They are either too busy or just don’t like to think about what would happen ‘financially’ in the event of any tragic and unexpected circumstances. Life, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection are essential for any family, especially when you have debt, children, school fees, retirement plans etc.  

Business Insurance Solutions

When operating a business you have a number of areas to protect. You also have 2 options to cover the risk of death, Illness or Trauma of keyman or business owners.

1. Self-Fund: have the ability to cover any risks from business or personal cashflow

2. Risk Transfer: Transfer the risk to a third party such as an insurance company.

Most businesses don't have the luxury of being able to self-fund and any major events will have a devastating effect on the business, the employees and the owners families. Having appropriate Business Expenses, Keyman, Debt Cover, Buysell insurance etc in place gives business owners the peace of mind knowing that this risk has been mitigated.

Do you have a comprehensive cover in place. If yes, when was it last reviewed. Business circumstances changes and so to insurance products?

Business Estate Planning (BEP)

A BEP or a 'Business Will' is the process of putting in place a plan for your business affairs now, should you or one of the other owners (or key people). This maybe through illness, accident or death so as to ensure there is no unnecessary loss of continuity in your business. Think about how the business would operate on a daily basis operationally and then also financially. Do you have a plan in place?

Succession Planning

Succession Planning involves developing a plan for the family to identify a successor, either from within the family or the business, then training them and transferring the management/ownership of a business and assets over a period of time. The timing of the transition and the entry and exit of family members is part of the plan. Other vital parts of a Succession Plan are the estate planning and the preservation of the family wealth and business continuity. Whether you are a business owner or a farming family, a Succession Plan is critical to successfully transferring wealth between generations.

Retirement Planning

Is retirement on your mind? Or maybe it's a distant goal. Travelling, selling your businesses, writing that novel or maybe just relaxing? Few Australians are expected to be financially secure at retirement. To enjoy your retirement and make your dreams reality, you need to plan ahead. Time is our greatest asset so lets not waste it.

Growing Your Wealth

Building wealth is not quick or easy, but it can be realistically achievable if you are serious. Whether it is building a business, using shares, property or even paying off debt, wealth accumulation is an essential ingredient in improving your long term lifestyle and your family's financial future. It is critical that you are serious about wealth building.

Our Network of Experts

We know that we cannot be all things to all people. A true professional takes the time to identify your specific needs and appropriately refer you to someone who will provide you with the best outcome. Being specialists ourselves, we have over time built a network of experts that we can refer you to or work with your existing specialist, to help you achieve your version of financial freedom.

Charter Financial Planning Limited is not responsible for any of the advice given by the above mentioned network of experts.