Apathy or Procrastination of Business Owners

With the New Year in full swing, I was reviewing my business plan for the year and I asked myself "Who is my greatest competitor?"  

This is a simple question, with an even simpler answer:'the apathy or procrastination of business owners'.

Have you ever heard the following:


  • That was a lot easier than I thought and... I should have done this years ago.
  • My business has changed so much and I know I need to... review my insurance... but just haven't got around to it. 
  • I just can't seem to find the time to...
  • My... accountant/solicitor/financial planner/broker... told me to look at this but it didn't seem that important at the time.
  • I wish I had ... done something about it before it was to late.

Interestingly enough, most of us would probably consider a "poor" choice as our worst enemy. In reality "no choice" as a result of procrastination is by far the most toxic to our financial futures.

My challenge for the month:

The next business owner you see (and you know needs to review their insurance), give me a call to discuss, to see if we can help them take action.

Have a great month.