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We take for granted that because someone is a professional or a successful business owner, they will have the right insurance, paying to the right people, at the right time & at the right price.

Over the past 15 years it has been my experience that in around 95% of second opinion reviews, they actually don’t! Their policies have become obsolete, their situation has changed over time or they have received shockingly bad advice in the past.

It is human nature to avoid getting a second opinion review of your family’s insurance. Insurance doesn’t make you anymore money, help your customers or clients nor does it make your job more enjoyable. Nevertheless it is a critical safeguard that you cannot do business without.

Generally people review their cover when they or someone in their family or friends suffers a health scare (remembering that a change in health may preclude them from getting cover), they increase their lending or a trusted adviser recommends they do so.

My question to you is, “Who is going to pay your bills and your bank loans should you become severely ill or die?”

At Exceed we’re in the business of making a second opinion review as hassle free as possible and providing the peace of mind that you have the best cover in place and for the right price.

My recommendation for the month is to dig out those old insurance policies and get a second opinion to find out if you are covered. Then sleep easy knowing it is right and get on with what you do well, spending time with your family and growing your career or business.

Have a great month.


Ben Law.