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"The doctor can prescribe the medicine, but the patient needs to take it"

I heard this quote recently and instantly thought of how this relates to improving your financial future.

We all intrinsically know in a general sense what we need to do to be financially successful. In most cases it doesn't take rocket science, just a healthy dose of discipline, common sense, good advice and overall, action.

So my question to you this month is:

"Have you been prescribed the financial medicine you need and are you taking it?"

Are you taking your financial prescription?

Action for the month.

  1. If you haven't, go see your financial doctor (financial planner or your accountant) and get your financial prescription;
  2. If you have, start taking that medicine. It may taste a little bad to start with but the longer term financial health benefits will far outweigh the potential short term discomfort.

Have a great month.


Ben Law.