Being a referral built business we appreciate the trust that our clients and referral partners show by referring their family, friends and colleagues to us. Following are some of the types of people we more frequently help.

 Successful farmers or business supporting the agriculture sector

  • Generally 35-55 years and 2nd generation farmers photosb 94
  • Treat their farm as a business or are an agricultural based business
  • Very concerned about building for the next generation
  • Talking about succession planning or building “off-farm” assets
  • Progressive & seeking the best way to do things i.e. attending courses
  • Driven, modern thinking and successful
  • Mention the farm or business is all they have – “We need to start building assets off farm”
  • Concerns over future of the farm – “How will we hand the farm over to the kids?”
  • “What will happen to the family if something happens to me?

Owners of growing small to medium businesses

  • Typically family owned or single partner business aged 35-55dreamstime xs 21040640
  • Have 2 + employees and have been in business for 2 + years
  • Owners work very hard, success & income is dependent on them
  • “We know we need help but we don’t know who to see”
  • “What happens to the business or my family if something happens to me?”

Owners of larger established businesses

  • Generally 2 + partners/owners with 10 + employeesFamily on the beach
  • Aged between 40-60
  • Might be growing, talking about new partners, opportunities or contracts
  • Successful, taking holidays, new cars, upgrading house
  • Buying new business assets (e.g. plant and equipment, offices, sheds)
  • Owners work very hard they are successful but are time poor
  • “We have so many opportunities coming up and not the time to go after them all”
  • “Business is doing well and tax is really starting to become a problem”
  • “We are thinking about buying a bigger shed, office or plant and equipment”

Successful professionals

  • Generally aged between 35 & 55Business Professionals
  • A CEO, CFO, Director, National Manager, Lawyer, Project Manager, Radiologist, Specialist etc
  • Career is going very well and they are thinking about how to translate that into securing their future
  • Very time poor and know they need to see someone but are not sure who to see
  • Would benefit greatly from professional advice
  • Have a family & children still financially dependant
  • Thinking upgrading their home or maybe buying a holiday home
  • Usually have high levels of debt but a proportionate level of income
  • “There aren't enough hours in the day"
  • "What happens to my family if something happens to me"
  • “I am doing well and tax is really starting to become a problem” 


Maybe this is you or someone you know. If it is contact us, we can help!