Highly successful established businessesdreamstime xs 18509039 looking to secure their financial future.

  • Generally 2 + partners/owners with 10 + employees
  • Aged between 40-60
  • Might be growing, talking about new partners, career opportunities or new contracts
  • Successful, taking holidays, new cars, upgrading house
  • Buying new business assets (e.g. plant and equipment, offices, sheds)
  • Work very hard, they are successful but are time poor
  • “I have so many opportunities coming up and not the time to go after them all”
  • “Business is doing well and tax is really starting to become a problem”
  • “I am thinking about buying a bigger shed, office or plant and equipment”

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Being a referral built business, we appreciate the trust that our clients and referral partners show by referring friends, family and colleagues.